December 8, 2022

Job Destination: New Zealand

  • Setting forms that hold the concrete in place.
  • Cleaning and inspecting surfaces for pouring issues.
  • Directing the casting of the concrete with the truck driver.
  • Pouring, smoothing, and leveling concrete using a rake, trowel, float, and screed. This includes handheld tools and power tool versions.
  • Monitoring the effects of the weather on the curing process.
  • Applying sealing and hardening components.
  • Safely operating power vibrator to ensure the concrete is compacted.
  • Molding and constructing expansion joints using joiners and edging tools.
  • Polishing surface using a power-surfacing machine.
Employment Type
Manpower Pooling
not - indicated
EDI Staffbuilders International, Inc.
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Private Employment Agency
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Makati City

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